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For a proper vehicle maintenance for the following:

Every month,or every few petrol fill-ups and especially before and long road trips,It’s a good idea to get under the hood of your car inspect both oil check and coolant levels while engine is cool.

Your engine’s air filter is what regulates the air that flow into check your engine and helps keep out debris and particulate by making certain that check your air filter is flowing properly,you can improve your fuel efficiency.That is your car engine good life.This can be done easily at home,so check your owner’s manual for instructions and how often it need to be changed the Air filter.

The check since well-maintained tyres are integral to a safe,fuel efficient ride and growth the car mileage.This make your habit to visually inspect your tyres often.Check the pressure in your every week,and before a long trips or carrying extra road.Don’t forget the spare.Will be needed to check your tyre pressure.Your owner’s manual will tell you ow much air pressure your tyre needs check the tyre pressure.

It’s very important that the lights check on your vehicle are properly working and functioning,but oftentimes it can be easy item to overlook.Check the once a month,turn your headlights when your car parking lights in front of a flat surface and check that both headlights are check your parking lights.Have a check a car while you engage the brake to be certain that your brake fully working and certain your brake light are functional.

The motor oil in your vehicle’s engine serves a whole slew of functions.It lubricates the moving part,helps act as a sealant against debris,cools the engine,reduces wear and tear helps prevent engine corrosion.Keeping it clean is vial for good engine health. Depending on your car and what kind of oil you’re using,you needed to change both the oil & oil filter as much as every 6 months or 10,000 kilometers.The changing often in between 8,000 and 16,000 kilometers.Your Vehicle check the professional machines and service centre.

Depending on your vehicle alignment,usage and many other factors,the tread wear patterns on your tyres may vary between the front and back tyres,or even may side of tread to the other. Rotating your tyres will help to extend the service life of your tyres by more evenly balancing the tread wear , and helping prevent noise and vibration problems.

The check car body compulsory and check body dent and any noise in car body. It also help to mechanic to checkup the car and safe ride...

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